James-borderI’m a Blerd. A Black Nerd. I’ve been a nerd for as long as I can remember. Long before the word “blerd” was made famous in an episode of Scrubs. I’ve been Black longer than that! đź’‚

I like a variety of random things. From Portishead to professional wrestling to The Matrix. My music rotation includes a collection that can only be described as “eclectic.” I’ll listen to Kendrick Lamar and Edo G one minute, and put on Nine Inch Nails , Radiohead and Mahalia Jackson the next. My movie choices are random. I’ll go see Straight Outta Compton one day, and Amelie the next. If you read my Goodreads timeline (located in the right frame), you can see it’s quite diverse. Everything from The New Jim Crow to Marvel’s Civil War.

I have dedicated this little section to those people of color who are scared to admit that they like things that go against what society tells them. If you like Redman and Massive Attack, great. If you watched Star Wars and the Boondocks, outstanding! If you have just as much fun at the MoMA, as you do at the release of Deadpool, that’s awesome! If you understand the connection of the Undertaker’s Urn and Thor’s Mjolnir, you know the deal!

In the end, be you. You can be a Christian and watch the Walking Dead or read Harry Potter. You can love Jesus and appreciate the musical genius that is Prince. You can be devout in your faith and cheer for Batman in his battle with Superman. In the end, as I have come to realize, God wants and authentic relationship with you; who you are and strive to


be. NOT with someone who you are pretending to be.

Below are pictures from a variety of nerdy events, mainly from my occasional work with The Geek Down where I serve as sports geek. I guess this would qualify as my “hobbies

and interests” that people want to know about. I guess this proves that I’m not your average priest.