Boston College Send Off

Greetings visitors. This website is is a small window to who I am as a priest and a child of God.

My passion is exploring the intersections of the individual Christian journey, and popular culture. I truly believe that attempting to keep the two separated is flawed. One’s relationship with God does not “pause” when we are watching sports, engaging in debate, or performing the duties of our job. The American notion of the separation of church and state has extended to a private, self defining, relationship with God where if someone expresses their faith in public, they are ostracized. I believe that there are intersections with pop culture and religious identity and will explore them here!

The blog section of this site will address not only issues pertaining to the Saints of the Church and the Liturgical Year, but also commentary on moral and ascetical theology and its relevance in the Church today. In addition to that, I will also have commentary on the church and pop culture today.

I want to note that the remarks and comments on this blog are mine and mine alone. They do not reflect the thoughts and opinions of any of the organizations or people mentioned on this site.

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