Veteran’s Day 2013 & The Faithfully Departed (10-11 NOV)

Fr. Emil Kapaun, US Army Chaplain
Fr. Emil Kapaun, US Army Chaplain

This Veteran’s Day is especially difficult for me. I will do what I have been doing since I returned from Afghanistan, attend the Annual Veteran’s Day Mass at Boston College. I’m excited for it. It is an opportunity to bring two of my loves (Boston College and the Army) together in one place. However, this year is different.


“Rest eternal grant to her, O Lord; And let light perpetual shine upon her. May her soul, and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.  Amen.”

That is what said during a Requiem mass or funeral by the priest is presiding. We are asking God’s blessing on the souls of all those who past away. Today (10 NOV) is the birthday of a friend of mine who recently lost her life. And although her and I haven’t spoken in many years I still carry a deep amount of love for her. I ask God to continue to watch over her soul as she faithfully departed. I ask God to watch over her family, her friends, her husband. May she find peace in HIS everlasting grace. Amen.

– JMH+

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