Easter 2013 (31 MAR)


ALMIGHTY God, who through thine only-begotten Son Jesus Christ hast overcome death, and opened unto us the gate of everlasting life; We humbly beseech thee that, as by thy special grace preventing us thou dost put into our minds good desires, so by thy continual help we may bring the same to good effect; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost ever, one God, world without end. Amen.

– Collect from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer


This is the pinnacle of the church year. This time of year is the “reason for the season.” This time of year, for many American Christians; for better or for worse; is one of the two bookends of church attendance (the other being Christmas). It is the day in which Christians in the Western Churches (Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Protestant) celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah, the Christ. Our Eastern brothers and sisters (Orthodox Churches) celebrate on 5 MAY 2013.

This Easter was quite different than in the past. I attended a late Easter Vigil and con-celebrated an early Easter Mass. It was a blessing to attend the vigil as a fellow worshiper, and then celebrate the Easter Mass a few hours later. After the Mass, I attended a brunch with the Vicar of the parish, his wife, and a few church members. We had a great time. Afterwards, I went to an elderly relative’s home and celebrated the Eucharist with her. She was incredibly happy. I also went to a couple of my relative’s houses to bless their children and pray for the sick.

All in all, it was quite the busy Easter day. I kept thinking, “What would Jesus Do?” Although it seems a little trite, especially with those gawd awful brackets, I asked myself this when I began to get tired from driving across the city and the lack of sleep. I reminded myself that my job as a member of the body of Christ on earth is a different one. My vocation as a priest requires me to go above and beyond most, because of the nature of the call. Although I most certainly crashed when I reached home, I knew that it was a good day.

Peace and blessings!

– JMH+

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